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Our Vision and Values


Because we’re a founder-led company, we’ve never lost sight of what made us start our journey; our passion for helping children to reach their potential. We’ve never stopped wanting more for children, families and communities. We’re proud of our high quality foster care and always put the needs of children and young people first.

We’re part of the Core Assets Group and share the same values throughout our companies.

Our Mission

To provide quality care in a family setting.

Our Vision

To make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of children and young people.

Our Goal

Our goal is to remain the leading independent fostering agency in Ireland and continue to develop a range of creative services for children and young people in care. We’ll continue to work in partnership with Tusla, statutory bodies and foster carers to meet specific needs and deliver positive outcomes.

We’re committed to maintaining a positive public image, alongside influencing policies and practices across Ireland.

We’ll reach our goal by:

  • Providing effective support to carers and their families
  • Continuing to recruit and retain excellent employees and carers
  • Providing on-going learning and development opportunities for employees
  • Consulting with and listening to the views of children, carers and employees
  • Continuing to be a major supplier of high quality children’s services

Our Values

Passionate about realising potential

We remain true to our founders’ belief in quality care for children and families.

  • Truth – We act with care, compassion and integrity
  • Quality – We set high standards for ourselves in serving customers
  • Energy – We work with energy, enthusiasm and determination
  • Results – We measure outcomes and use them to make better decisions

Ambition for children

We want children to have a sense of belonging and security within a family environment.

  • Engagement – We encourage and enable children to have their voices heard
  • Strengths Based – We use a strengths based approach to our work
  • Achievement – We work with children to help them achieve
  • Protection – We protect children

People matter

We believe that every person counts and is accountable.

  • Needs Led – We put the needs of children first
  • Diversity – We value diversity, take pride in our work and celebrate our successes
  • Responsibility – We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes
  • Challenge – We challenge and support each other and our partners to constantly improve

Safe change

We understand and successfully manage the risks of change.

  • Creativity – We appreciate the need for change and work with pace and creativity
  • Safety – We never compromise on quality and safety for children
  • Research – We invest in research and learn from experience
  • Culture of Ideas – We promote a culture that enables ideas to be developed, shared and realised quickly

Building communities

We believe we can achieve more by working together.

  • Local Focus – We deliver locally based activities in support of local communities
  • Sharing – We share knowledge and information with stakeholders
  • Respect – We treat our partners with respect and integrity
  • Honesty – We are open and honest at all times