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Brenda’s Story


Brenda is a very capable woman who is passionate about fostering. As an FFI foster carer, Brenda devotes her life to caring for some of society’s most troubled youngsters and she thrives on the work she does.

Brenda describes herself as ‘an ordinary mum who is doing the best she can’. Others are full of admiration and praise for this single carer who has made a real difference to the lives of the 16 foster children she has welcomed into her home.

With six adult children, 10 grandchildren and three foster children currently in placement, Brenda’s home is buzzing with excitement and joy. Bringing happiness and security into the lives of children is what she does best.

Prior to becoming a foster carer, Brenda was a social worker and she has never looked back on her decision to take up fostering – clear in her understanding that this is a lifelong commitment.

She explains: “Despite the many challenges which may present themselves, I’m in this for the long haul and I have a lifelong commitment to every child I look after.

“For me, fostering is all about understanding and treating children as individuals. It is really important to listen to and appreciate the expectations of each child whether that is an emotional need, help with school work or developing social skills.

“The children love to play in the garden with their bicycles or play football or basketball. They also enjoy going swimming or going to the library. It’s certainly a full-time job, but to watch them flourish and share their emotions opens up a wonderful relationship that is built on honesty and trust.”

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