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Why do Children Need Foster Care?


In Ireland, there are currently over 6,000 children and young people in care and almost 90% of these are living with foster carers.

There are all sorts of reasons why children need foster care. Sometimes it’s because of a family illness, relationship problems, family breakdown or a situation where their welfare is threatened.

Many of these children will have experienced neglect and physical, emotional or sexual abuse. And all will have faced loss and separation from their birth family.

Caring for these children

Their life experiences can cause children and young people in care to express their feelings through difficult and challenging behaviour. Some may throw tantrums or be aggressive. Others may find it difficult to build trusting relationships with adults.

These children need a safe home for a while or, in some cases, until they are old enough to live independently. Growing up in care isn’t easy, but our foster carers are there to help these children when they need it the most.

Helping children deal with their past

Life story work is a range of services that can help children and young people in care to understand and make sense of their past. We encourage them to document their time in foster care – as well as their positive memories from their time with their birth family.

The children and young people placed with our foster carers come from a range of backgrounds and have a variety of needs. Read Aoife and Sean’s stories to find out more about children who need foster care.

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