Standard Placements


Emergency Placements

Occasionally, a child or young person will need somewhere to stay at a moment’s notice. This can be for a number of reasons and may only last for a few nights.

Short Term Placements

Short term foster carers provide a temporary home until a child can return to live with their own family, move onto a longer-term fostering placement or adoption, or move on to independence. These are our most common type of placement and can last for anything from a few weeks to a few years.

Long Term Placements

Long term placements are suitable for children who need permanent foster care and involve caring for a young person until they can live independently at the age of 16 or 18. These children or young people cannot return to live in their own home but will often still keep in regular contact with their birth family.

Respite Placements

Sometimes children need to stay with a different foster family to give their permanent carers a break. These are regular placements and usually last for a weekend, one week or a fortnight at the most.

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