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Tailored Support Packages

We offer individually tailored packages of support for children, young people and their families, even if they are not in FFI foster placements. We can do this because we have a network of locally based resources and multi-disciplinary teams of child care professionals. We can develop a tailored package of support that is designed to meet the specific needs of a child or young person.
While each tailored package of support will be different, the overall aim will be to provide an environment where positive change can be achieved, one where the multi-disciplinary team can support, plan and guide both the carer and the child or young person towards success.

These tailored packages promote a creative use of resources. Some of the packages we have developed have been provided to support new placements for an initial twelve week period, as this is when previous placements would have broken down. However, with the specially designed and individually tailored package of support available to maintain the placement, the young person was able to stay in that placement and the supports were phased out when it had stabilised.

We can work with you to design different types of support packages to suit the needs of children and young people.

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